One of the great things about living in Dubai is the easy access we have to the sea. There are hundreds of yachts of all sizes that accommodate to all budgets. It’s taken me around 2  years of living here to actually get on one of those yachts – and now I can never go back to being on land-only girl!


The Trip


We were stuck on ideas on where we could celebrate one of our friend’s birthday – Maarten. As he’s not into planning parties we decided to throw a surprise party in the sea. We hired a yacht that took off from the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and being a large group of 30 we were able to afford a pretty sweet ride.

The yacht had three decks – a lower deck which we only used for the toilets – the main deck which featured an air-conditioned room, a tanning area at the front of the yacht and outdoor seating at the back. The top deck was used as our dance area where some of us rocked some moves whilst others (mainly the boys) used it to dive off into the sea.

We booked a 4-hour trip which took us off towards the Burj Al Arab where we anchored until it was time to return. There were plenty of yachts and speedboats around us where everyone seemed to have the same idea of a chilled out day at sea.


The Sea


The temperature of the sea was perfect as I hate cold water. I guess the problem people get in this part of the world is the temperature being too warm – but this wasn’t the case as we went in October. My only complaint is that it was too salty! And as it was a little choppy I couldn’t stay in the water for too long as the waves kept splashing buckets of salt into my eyes. It’s good for clearing up your sinuses though!

We brought floatables with us which we tied up to the end of the boat – this was very relaxing and great way to be at one with the sea. We did manage to lose our unicorn floatie that ended up being run over by a speedboat! A kind jet skier brought it back but sadly it succumbed to its wounds.


The Food


One of the major things boating is all about is the food! It’s kind-of like camping where you end up taking way more than you need! We brought over mini pizzas, a prawn stir-fry, coleslaw, chicken-mayo sandwiches, potato salad, nachos and dips and lots and lots of drinks! We did manage to sneak aboard a yummy chocolate birthday cake for the birthday boy too.


The Verdict


Everyone had a fantastic time – adults and children alike. I highly recommend renting out a boat for a few hours and spending time with friends or family in this fun and relaxing outing. The views are stunning especially the Dubai Eye which is almost fully constructed and Burj Al Arab – where you can take some Instaworthy shots. There are plenty of great deals out there especially on the Entertainer app – so get on it and start booking your next adventure!