Today’s tour takes us to the first place you see when you arrive in Dubai. The airport! From the moment you touch ground, especially if you fly Emirates, you immediately notice that that DXB Terminal 3 is no ordinary airport. It’s got vast open spaces, extravagant décor and screams shiny and new.


We love the little extra touches such as free use of airport strollers for children, porters to help with your luggage and buggies to help with the elderly and people with special needs.And let’s not forget the duty free shopping that could keep you busy for hours.


Flying business class? There’s a dedicated check-in area just for those lucky enough to afford it. Our trip today takes us to the business class on the A380. Or so we thought! Turns out the upgrade was mistakenly made for the way back! But we still get to check out the business class lounge with the Emirates Silver Membership so not all is lost.


Dubai Emirates Business Class Lounge:


This lounge takes up the whole of the upstairs of Terminal 3. It’s massive – our favorite part? Free Haagen Dazs! The lighting, stylish furniture and feel of the lounge is like entering one of Dubai’s 5-Star resorts.

With an army of waiters and waitresses the service is unbelievable and the quality of the food available is class. Be sure to try out the salmon fish cakes with tartar sauce which was truly amazing.


Manchester Emirates Business Class Lounge:


The lounge in Manchester was much smaller and really doesn’t even compare to the Dubai lounge. With dated décor and furniture that have seen better days the first impressions is not noteworthy.

But the lounge isn’t a complete disappointment as it has the nice view of planes landing and taking off and a filling buffet. I had a full English breakfast with all the trimmings and they had a fully stocked bar including champagne.

For those who are travelling for work there’s a dedicated business section in separated quiet area. With tables for laptops and charging stations. It might not be as fancy as the Dubai charging station but will do the job. Stay tuned for more reviews from Bling Dubai.


Emirates A380:


The business class takes up the whole upstairs of the A380 with a bar lounge area tucked away at the end. With super comfy seats especially when turned into a bed, big television screens to watch the wide array of entertainment and quality food what more could you want? 


The bar area was fully stocked with high quality drinks and a great place to stretch your legs and mingle with other passengers. A truly great way to fly and once tasted you never want to go back!