The Food


For a very special meal we decided to try out the infamous Steakhouse in Jumeirah by the Four Seasons Hotel. The restaurant is owned by Turkish butcher and chef Nusret Gökçe who is dubbed as #Salt Bae. He became an internet sensation when a video of him slicing and dicing an Ottoman steak went viral early this year. With a number of restaurants in Turkey and two in the UAE this is a very high-end steakhouse that is always full and busy. We were very lucky to visit when the chef himself was actually there that night.If you’re a meat lover then you are right in your element as apart from a salmon and a couple of shrimp dishes there is nothing but meat on the menu. They do have vegetarian options but really this is a carnivore’s restaurant.


Even the Nusret Spaghetti dish which you would think would include pasta – is made up of only meat! As I’m not a big fan of the traditional spaghetti this dish has hit the spot and made it right to the top of my favorite dishes. We ordered two portions for the six of us and we could have easily devoured more.


To go with our meats we ordered the Ottoman, rocket and mixed tomato salads, spinach, jacket potatoes, sliced chips and mash. We loved the Asado ribs which were pure melt in your mouth soft and tender; but if visiting the restaurant there’s one dish that you absolutely HAVE to order – it’s the Nusret Special. This is the dish that made Salt Bae so famous – he has 8.3 million Instagram followers!

The celebrity chef himself did the slicing, dicing and preparing of the dish for us which in itself is a show not to be missed. The butter smelled utterly delicious even before the meat was added to it and by the time he got to adding the bits of bread we were salivating and eager to taste it. The verdict – truly phenomenal!

Although we didn’t order it we were treated to the Congac pineapple – infused by three mini bottles of the spirit. The waiter who previously asked us where we were from had our home country ‘Bahrain’ written on it; a very nice touch. Our pineapple was then doused in flame and sprinkled with red rose petals! I would highly recommend this dish for those on a date night or celebrating some kind of special anniversary.

Finally for dessert there is only one option really which is the Baklavas served again with a twist Nusret style it was filled with sheep’s milk ice cream! Truly a slice of heaven that was utterly delicious.


The Venue


What I love about this rustic styled steakhouse is that it’s very busy with waiters zooming in and out non-stop. The waiters not only serve but entertain diners using flames, smoke, special slicing and dicing techniques and other unique methods. I love how many of them have the thick traditional Turkish mustaches.The style is simple with the wooden tables and leather chairs adorned with steak knives everywhere – there’s a large fridge full of meat at the back corner and the kitchen is opened onto the restaurant.

If you’re lucky you will also see Salt Bae himself in his signature tight t-shirts and tight pants taking selfies with diners and serving dishes with his trademark salt-sprinkling moves. There atmosphere is vibrant and it’s a great place to go out with a group. With celebrities and royalty frequenting the restaurant it is very much the IT place to dine in Dubai.


The Verdict


Love it! With mouth watering food and a highly entertaining atmosphere I can’t see how anyone could fault Steakhouse. It’s very evident by the long queues of people waiting to dine at the restaurant how special this place is. I will be coming back for more very soon.


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