The Food


One of the first restaurants we decided to visit upon moving here to Dubai is the Karma Kafe. Designed by Raymond Visan (the creator of Buddha-Bar) we couldn’t wait to check it out. The location is ideal for us since Souk Al Bahar is virtually on our doorstep.

We decided to try the DHS199 taster menu – the cuisine Pan Asian fusion. Karma Kafe has won numerous food awards so my expectations were high. The first dish to come out is the Ceviche Mixto made up of Japanese scallop, calamari, prawn, celery root, pomegranate and Coconut Yuzu Leche de Tigre. Basically it was like a cold fresh summery seafood salad; I was slightly disappointed but only because I’m not a big fan of the coconut flavour.  My husband was more than happy to have it all to himself.

Next to come out were the California and Spicy Tuna Makis (you get three of each). This was the part I was looking forward to the most as I’m not a big fan of sashimi or nigiri but love maki. They both tasted delicious and exactly what you would expect from a fancy restaurant.

We then had my husband’s favourite – the shrimp tempura! I was expecting it to have a tail but it didn’t and it tasted amazing. The sauce it came in was delicious and the amount is perfect for two.

The last of the savoury dishes was the steak which we had cooked rare. It’s very hard to go wrong with a good quality piece of meat – we were very happy with it.

The finale to our meal was the Crème Brule – I’m more of a chocolate fan – but as far as crème brule’s go it as perfectly cooked.  The amount of food was and even though I didn’t have much of the Ceviche or the dessert I was stuffed.


The Venue


Karma Kafe is located in one of the prime spots in Dubai – just by the Burj Khalifa. In fact you get an amazing view of the world’s tallest building at the outdoor seating area. For most of our meal we braved the summer heat and sat outside – but had to relocate to the bar area for our dessert.

I loved the vibe with the darkness, the red lighting and the hanging birdcages everywhere. I preferred the indoor seating area more as they have a really cool giant statue of a red Buddha. I was very tempted to rub his belly! It could have also been the unbearable summer heat that affected my outdoor experience.

The bar and lounge area was buzzing as we visited on a Friday night. The service was great, our waitress knew the menu inside out and suggested a very nice bottle of organic white wine. A little tip if you’ve got the Entertainer app Karma Kafe has a buy one get one free voucher available which is a real money saver!


The Verdict

If you’re in the mood for Pan Asian cuisine then I would highly recommend this place.  The food tastes yummy and there’s a great atmosphere. Will I go back? A big definite yes!


For more info on Karma Kafe click here: http://www.karma-kafe