First Impressions


The Fairmont is the closest resort on the Palm Jumeirah Island you can access with your Privilee card. That was the reason we chose to visit as we were restricted with time and thought it best to be closest to island’s exit. The building itself is designed pretty much the same signature style you see on most of the buildings on that main road. The lobby is massive with a lovely water feature overlooking the beach. Styled in a modern Arabian fashion the hotel it is very impressive.


The Pool


There are two main swimming areas – a family pool and an adults-only pool. A nice extra touch here is you get free water bottles and an ice cold flannel to keep cool.




I loved the way the family pool is designed with different levels. There’s a section for little children where it’s mostly very shallow but gets deeper as you venture into another pool with deeper water.  There’s yet another pool at a level below where they’ve put up a volleyball net and a basketball hoop; I’ve noticed a lot of the older children kept to this pool playing with the balls (provided I’m assuming by the hotel) and making friends.

There’s a great little splash park for the little ones too – the only danger is trying to get them out as my toddler refused to leave all that water sprinkler fun. Always a good sign!




For those who want to get away from the jolly noised of children having fun venture to the adults-only pool which is equally impressive.
Also set in two levels it takes up a large area so there’s plenty of space to cater for everyone.With lots of sun beds dotted around the pool. I loved the built in sun bed section in the water and spent most of my time there with
my kindle.
I like how the resort incorporated games at the pool areas as they even have a pool table and Foosball for adults to use.




Privilee members receive a 20% discount at the following restaurants; Delicacy Patisserie, Flow Kitchen, Frevo, Mashrabiya Lounge, Seagrill, The Cigar Room.

As we had dinner plans  we just got our youngest a pepperoni pizza by the pool. For a kids meal the size was just right and I loved the little pizza box it came with. I noticed many families ordered from the poolside menu and opted to feed their children on the sun beds. For those who like their beers cold check out their pint glasses that comes with an inner layer of ice!


The Beach


The entrance to the beach is located in between the two pool areas right next to a giant chess board! There you will find a beach volleyball pitch with a full view of the Dubai Marina skyline.The white sandy beach is set in a lagoon with not a wave in sight when I went making it ideal for families with little ones.


The Kids Club


Privilee members get a 50% discount at the kids club. The nicest kids club I’ve seen so far on my tour – I can see why they charge for this service.

The kids club is huge – they’ve got game consoles, a large arts and crafts section, a dance area with disco lights, rock climbing wall and lots of toys for the littlest ones.

There’s an outdoor play area too more toys and seating. The staff were nice and friendly with lots of energy. They looked like they were having fun especially the person in charge of the disco party that day.


Overall Experience


We all enjoyed our time and will be going back for sure. The splash park was a big plus for me as I loved watching my baby having so much fun. I think this resort is always going to have the busy vibe as we went on a weekday in Ramadan and it was full of people. As busy as it was we were able to get sun beds easily and had no problem signing in with our Privilee memberships cards.


Good To Know…

Free Admission: Children aged 3 and below.

Nanny Admission: One nanny FOC per couple/member.

Children Admission: Three children aged 4-15 per member.

Guest Day Pass:  20% discount.

Kids Club: 50% discount.

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